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UChicago Army ROTC is a Registered Student Organization at The University of Chicago. The mission of Army ROTC at the University of Chicago is to provide Students who are interested in leadership development, physical training, and basic Army doctrine an opportunity to participate in ROTC activities without incurring any obligation.

What is ROTC?

Cadets commission in Spring of 2016

Army ROTC is one of the three ways to earn a commission to become an Officer in the United States Army. The other two methods are the US Military Academy at West Point, and Officer Candidate School. However, most Second Lieutenants (70%) commission through ROTC.

For ROTC, Cadets proceed through college as normal students, and once they graduate and complete the requirements of the program, they recieve the gold bars of a Second Lieutenant, and become Officers. A typical week for a Cadet includes 3 days of Physical Training (PT), one day of Military Science Class, and one day of Leadership Lab, in which the lessons learned in class are then used practically in simulated exercises. To learn more about Cadet life, visit our Cadet Life page.

There are also scholarships which Cadets can compete for. UChicago currenlty has three Cadets recieving full tuition, along with a monthly stipend and a book stipend. To learn more about scholarship opportunities, contact armyrotc@uchicago.edu or visit the US Army website.

However, students who do not plan to commission or compete for scholarship are still welcome to participate in the program! It is one of the best opportunities to learn leadership skills that are invaluable for any career path.