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What is Army ROTC at UChicago?

Army ROTC is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at The University of Chicago. We work to support Army ROTC Cadets in their program and offer Military Science and Physical Training classes on campus 4 times a week to all students interested in learning more about the program and Army officer leadership. All students are welcome to participate in our physical training and military science classes with NO commitment to joining the Army.

Why should I participate in Army ROTC?

Military science courses can help students with personal and academic decision making while giving them the tools to exercise leadership in college life, even before graduating and becoming Officers. Physical training is a great opportunity to get active with other students and hone leadership over time.

What are ROTC Classes like? Will they interfere with other courses?

Physical training is held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 0700-0800 so it will not conflict with any classes! PT is planned and led by one of our Cadets every week and include running, circuits, and strength training. For added challenge students are welcome to see how they score on the Army Physical Fitness Test.

Military Science classes are taught by Active Duty Army Officers and Non-Commissioned officers on a variety of topics such as leadership techniques, military ethics, problem solving and decision making, and military tactics. Class times vary throughout the year, check our Facebook page or email armyrotc@uchicago.edu for more info!

What other events do you have?

In addition to the classes on campus, we also organize a book club centered on the National War College's Reading List. Cadets and students will meet throughout the quarter to discuss military strategy and ethics discussed by top historical leaders.

Army ROTC also works on coordinating speaking events by hosting Army Officers for discussions.

I hear there are scholarships, how do I qualify for one?

If you're interested in having UChicago tuition paid for, plus a monthly stipend and book allowance, read more about contracting as an Army ROTC Cadet here or email mkesl@uchicago.edu for more information.

How do I get started or find out more?

If you're interested in joining the RSO, come to any of our PT sessions or military science classes! If you'd like more info, contact armyrotc@uchicago.edu.